Product Description

The KRYO 65 OD is fitted with a micrometric adjustment device to ensure maximum precision when setting the desired particle size. The adjustment knob combines style and ergonomics, and its orange colour highlights the importance of its function while facilitating information display and simplifying setting operations.

An anti-accidental rotation lock prevents undesired changes being made to the chosen setting.

Technical Features

  • Start doseby start button on keypad or by inserting filter holder
  • Programmable dosessingle, double, custom
  • Ergonomic, multifunctional user interface
  • Finsin die-cast aluminium
  • Burrshigh capacity ThermoSteel treated stainless steel
  • Continuous micrometric adjustment with anti-accidental rotation lock
  • Hoppersfood-grade polycarbonate
  • Hands-free height-adjustable fork
Materials – stainless steel, die-cast aluminium, ABS and polyamide