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Unic Tango ST Solo

Fully automatic coffee machine for coffee, cappuccino and instant beverages.

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The super automatic coffee machine Tango® ST Solo takes up a new 7″ color touch screen user interface to control intuitively the TANGO® group head recognized for its exceptional coffee extraction quality.


This high-end full automatic espresso coffee machine is able to create and compose a choice of 48 drinks menu, and delivers 2 drinks simultaneously operating water and steam: It impresses its users with an exceptional result in every cup, and the quality of its equipment makes it a highly reliable choice for demanding professional use.


The Tango® ST Solo is recommended for businesses (restaurants, bars, coffee and restaurant chains…) consuming up to 15 Kg of coffee per week or serving an average of 100-200 cups a day, and aiming to automatically transform coffee and fresh milk into a variety of espresso beverages.

Coupled with the Tango ST Milk Fridge (shown with Tango ST Solo Coffee Machine)

See more about the UNIC Tango ST Solo



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