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Magister R2

Fully automatic machine for coffee, cappuccino and instant beverages.


Product Description

• 1.4-Kilograms beans hopper
• 0.6-litres boiler
• 8 available drinks (including hot water)
• Automatic milk frother (upon request)
• Canister for powder chocolate/ milk/ barley
• Hourly production – 80/120 espressos/hour (double dispenser available upon request)
• Decaffeinated system (upon request)
• Available in plumbed or pour-over versions
• 230 Volt (different voltages available upon request)
• 1,950 Watt / 2,850 Watt (according to version)
• Dimensions (mm) 530(w) x 330(d) x 715(h)

The peculiar espresso brewer, the dosage weighing system and the excellent coffee extraction provide an excellent coffee, real expression of the ITALIAN ESPRESSO.
The pre-infusion system is available in two different configurations: either for one or two cups.

Just by pressing a button, it is easy to get cappuccino, macchiato and latte straight in the cup.

The peculiar infusion system delivers filtered coffee and other popular drinks for the northern European Customers.

The recently-developed mixer delivers creamy beverages, in accordance to the chosen powders (3 canisters available).

– Table-tray with accessories dispenser
– Plain table-tray
– External feeding kit (20-litres water tank)
– Payment unit
– 2-storey cup warmer
– 3-storey cup warmer
– Fridge
– Fridge with cup warmer
– Mini-fridge

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